Muse Blog

Welcome to the Muse blog!

Whether this is your first or third, starting a business in the UK can be challenging and we’d agree. Follow our journey as a startup and we will share some of the lessons we learn along the way.  Hopefully, through our blog, you will realise that you’re not alone and you might even pick up some useful tips along the way.

Who are Muse?

We were born out of the frustration around chasing payments, managing cash flow and using personal finance to fund businesses.

Muse aims to tackle one of the biggest causes of failure amongst small businesses - late payments. There is an estimated £44bn worth of outstanding payments in the UK in 2018! This has a hugely negative impact on cash flow and businesses don’t have the ability to keep themselves afloat.

Muse is focused on improving the lives of small business owners, consultants and entrepreneurs. Our aim is to help them succeed wherever they are on their journey. Muse will offer guidance and support through app-based tools, products and services to simplify finance and admin so that users can focus on their business.

Our first cash flow services will be collecting your invoices and invoice financing. If you would like more information click here.